Meet The New Grumpy Cat That Looks Even Angrier Than Her Late Prredecessor

Meet The New Grumρy Cat That Lσσƙs Eνen Angrier Than Her Late ρredecessσr Nσ σne will Nσ σne will eνer reρlace Grumρy Cat, but a new ƙitty has caρtured the Internet’s attentiσn that deserνes tσ be amσng the wσrld’s angriest felines. Meet Meσw Meσw, a giant fluff frσm Taiwan. Her σwner said Meσw Meσw is alsσ νery elegant. … Read more

Meet Mao Mao The Cat Model That Earns More Than Humans

It’s not unusual to see a cat model these days with Instagram and TikTok being so popular. But, finding a cat model that actually gets paid big money is unusual. Take a look at Mao Mao – isn’t she cute? The two-year old British shorthair comes from Jiangbei, and gets 3-4 monthly auto show appearances. Since they’re … Read more

Meet Marley The Permanently Disappointed Cat Who Looks Like He Is Always Judging You

Say hello to Marley, the 13-year-old orange tabby cat who has a permanently grumpy face that looks like he’s judging you and your poor life choices. He lives in California with his siamese brother, Sherman siamese brother, Sherman and his beloved owners. They are a special family. Not only does Marley have a naturally disappointed face, but … Read more

Meet This Kitten Named Bum That Was Born With Permanently Worried Eyes, Still Looking Beautiful

Meet Bum, also known as “Worried Eyes.” He was brought to the shelter when he was just four weeks old, and immediately stole everyone’s heart with his worried expression. But there’s no need for you to worry—this cross-eyed tabby has already found himself a home! “He is shy with new people, but once he knows you he is … Read more